Bicycle Project

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Fair Entry Department, Class and Lot

Department 24 – Mechanical Sciences CLASS E – BICYCLE Lot No. 20
Description: Educational display related to bicycles

Possible Fair Projects

  • Bicycle Riding Pack
  • Bicycle repair kit
  • Parts of a bicycle
  • Poster or journal – places traveled via bike
  • Log the miles you bike in one year
  • Demonstrate how to adjust the handle bar, chain, peddles and sead for a rider
  • Poster or display – bicycle rules and safety
  • Poster or display hand signals for riding in traffic and safe places to ride
  • Poster Care of tires
  • Poster or Display of Safety equipment
  • Write about famous cyclists
  • Compare different bike styles
  • Research different bicycle careers

Field Trips

  • Organize a bicycle ride
  • Visit a bicycle shop
  • Visit a store that sells bicycle equipment
  • Visit a fitness center
  • Participate in a bicycle safety clinic

Community Service

  • Bike-a-thon for charity
  • Collect & donate used bikes for children in need
  • Volunteer at a bicycle marathon
  • Implement a community bicycle safety clinic Science & Technology

Critical Thinking

  • What are other sports in which people make sure their equipment fits properly?
  • What other times have you had to make adjustments so that equipment operates and performs safely?
  • What jobs can you think of that involve maintaining and repairing parts?
  • What other times is it necessary to do preventative maintenance for you personal safety?
  • How would you go about matching your personal interests and skills to a bicycle related career?

WI 4-H and Statewide Resources related to the Bicycle Project can be found at

Sheboygan County Local Non-Motorized News and Trails

Sheboygan County ReBike Program

Since it began several years ago, Sheboygan County’s ReBike program has provided over 1,000 bicycles to area residents in need.  The initiative is made possible by Paradigm Coffee & Music, as well as several very dedicated volunteers that hold the sessions every Wednesday from 5:30 – 7:30 pm at the basement of Paradigm.  Sheboygan County residents in need of a bicycle can attend a ReBike session, where they will be paired with a volunteer to spend a few hours working on a bicycle that has been donated.  Once any necessary adjustments are made, the recipient is free to take the bicycle home at no charge.  Because of its popularity, ReBike is always is need of bicycle donations in order to keep the program going strong and to provide residents with a bicycle that might not otherwise have had access to one.

Local Bike Shops