Making an Impact: Community Development August 2021

Kevin Struck, Community Development Educator

  • The Community Development Educator provided public hearing, resolution, and ordinance templates, draft maps, and guidance to the Town of Herman as it went through the process of revising the future land use map within its Comprehensive Plan to allow for a business/research park expansion of Lakeland University. During the public hearing, he used map displays to explain the proposed change and answered questions from the public and Planning & Zoning Commission members.
  • After noticing that a checklist created by the Village of Glenbeulah to guide its approval process for accessory buildings on residential lots included a requirement for a certified survey map (CSM), the Community Development Educator contacted a village official and described the difference between a CSM and a “plat of survey” and explained why the latter would be sufficient in this circumstance. Changing the checklist will save each homeowner applicant several hundred dollars in survey costs.
  • The Community Development Educator worked with the Random Lake Plan Commission to draft a new zoning district to properly allow for multi-building condominium developments. This new district was very soon after adopted and used by the Village to approve a new 13-building condo development. During the public hearing, he used architectural drawings to explain the differences between condo developments and subdivisions, and answered questions from the public and Plan Commission members.