The Family Caregivers Coalition in Sheboygan County

Jane Jensen, Human Development and Relationship Educator 

The mission of the coalition is identify, recognize, support, and enhance the role of those affected by family caregiving through 1) community outreach, 2) education, 3) peer support, and 4) shared resources in order to help family caregivers thrive.

Data for the recent annual report indicated that 275 family caregivers and 61 community organizations are current members.  The current and emerging needs of family caregivers are met annually through four education events, a quarterly newsletter mailed to all family caregiver members and electronically shared with organizational members, several events that allow family caregivers and their care recipients to learn and socialize in a safe environment, as well as resource sharing through the website and written materials. There are no membership dues and programs are sustained through shared skills and resources of members. In response to COVID 19 educational events are being offered virtually so that family caregivers can participate by being safe at home. The steering committee is continuing to meet virtually as well and planning for future online education.