Tasty Tuesdays

Amanda Miller & Janeth Orozco, FoodWIse

Due to COVID, more families are cooking meals at home every day instead of eating out at restaurants. Families are also spending more money on groceries while experiencing shortages of specific products. This has increased the interest in how to grocery shop for foods, prepare foods, properly store foods, and preserve foods. These are all topics that FoodWIse specializes in.

The FoodWIse program has a variety of resources that are timely and helpful to families spending more time in the kitchen. Our local Nutrition Educators developed a series of weekly social media posts called “Tasty Tuesdays.” A specific topic, usually a cooking or kitchen skill/tip, is focused on each Tuesday. Resources shared include a printable handout, an instructional video, and an easy recipe.
Topics have included: making sheet pan meals, slow cooker meals, food safety during COVID, and healthy breakfasts. For more information, visit: https://sheboygan.extension.wisc.edu/tasty-tuesdays/