Expanding Food Budgeting Classes Across 4 Counties

The FoodWIse program has begun a new partnership with Forward Services to teach weekly virtual classes for their FSET (FoodShare Employment Training) and W-2 clients. In the past, FoodWIse offered classes in-person at both Fond du Lac and Sheboygan County Forward Services. As a result of the pandemic, Forward Services caseworkers have held personal meetings and employment/work-related classes to clients by Microsoft Teams. FoodWIse is the first external partner to offer virtual classes with Forward Services thus far. For this partnership, shifting from in-person to virtual learning has been very beneficial for numerous reasons:

  • clients have easier access to classes via cell phones (lack of transportation and/or child care were past issues to attending in-person classes);
  • caseworkers and clients can safely attend classes without concerns about COVID-19:
  • clients from afar can attend classes remotely. This means that classes that were once limited to just Fond du Lac or Sheboygan Counties (separately) are now available in the Forward Services Region 4, which includes: Fond du Lac, Sheboygan, Manitowoc, and Green Lake; and
  • FoodWIse staff can partner across counties to offer these classes. Janeth Orozco, FoodWIse Nutrition Educator housed in Sheboygan County, is taking the lead for these classes. Melanie Phillips and Pamela Nelson, FoodWIse Nutrition

Educators in Fond du Lac County will co-pilot classes led by Orozco.

Classes begin in mid-January. Topics include food budgeting, creating a basic budget, and choosing healthy foods.