Lessening Isolation and Increasing Social Connections

Along with a team of Human Development & Relationships Educators working in the Life Span area Jane co-developed and co-facilitated a six-part virtual series focused on lessening isolation and increasing social connections. The series was facilitated in February/March 2021.  The sessions focused on:  cultivating optimism to help us meet challenges with a positive mindset even in challenging times; considering your values and emotions (and your partner’s) in setting and reaching financial goals; learning about yourself and others in order to connect with others during these challenging times; rediscovering the keys to happiness that will inspire you to find joy and build resiliency in your everyday living; some people never retire-think about the next phase of life as retirement with new opportunities and purpose, and successful aging includes a healthy lifestyle, a positive attitude, valuing friendships, and so much more.

There was an average of almost one hundred participants per session.  Over 80% indicated that they will use at least one skill or tool learned during the session.  Over three-quarters said attending this session made me feel more connected to other people.  Almost three-quarters strongly agreed that attending the session provided me with the skills or knowledge to be more connected to others.  A participant commented,” Thank you so much for providing this virtual opportunity to connect and learn with others as I have been so isolated during this pandemic.”