Project Leader Training

The Sheboygan County 4-H Program hosted a Project Leader Training in preparation for 4-H Project Day and the 4-H year ahead. Special instructors Laura Huber, 4-H Youth Development Educator, and Amber Rehberg, WI State 4-H Specialist joined Sheboygan County leaders to teach them how to lead and teach virtually. There was a special focus on engaging youth, keeping participants safe, and the benefits of virtual meeting spaces.  For those who were unable to participate live a recording of this training is saved at In addition, there are several resources that were shared and are available at

In addition to these resources, a few highlights of the training included:

  • Ask people to rename, using their first name only for privacy
  • Connect people with the possibility of what they love about 4-H and do those things virtually: connect with caring adults, learn something new, be with friends, etc.
  • Cascading – a tool where all type in a response and hit enter at the same time so that everyone gets a chance to think and respond
  • is a great resource for games that can be adapted with content
  • Space bar unmutes on Zoom!!! What?!?!?!?
  • FUN = Functional Understanding Not Necessary
  • Zoom features as a host: Share Screen, Admit Guests, Reactions, Voting
  • Teaching Virtual Tip Sheet with lots of great ideas
  • Have another adult on to help mitigate risk. They can monitor the chatbox, offer camera angles, watch for reactions of participants, manage technology
  • Us your phone as a second camera; Extension also has additional cameras
  • Prepare young people for what they need to have at home. What activities need adult supervision?
  • Gain an understanding of what kind of connectivity tools are being used: Chromebook, laptops, phones, tablets, etc.
  • Build movement into meetings
  • Resources for Virtual Icebreakers are available.

In addition to local Virtual Learning Opportunities, one of the most valuable benefits of this CRAZY time in our 4-H world is the sharing of programming across the state. You can teach, lead, learn and serve! Check-out the ongoing work of the Wisconsin 4-H Virtual Community at . Here, you will find project meetings, tours, and relevant workshops for you, your 4-H’er, your leaders, and more! Don’t miss out – GREAT THINGS ARE HAPPENING EVERYWHERE!