2021 Virtual 4-H Project Day

The 2021 Virtual 4-H Project Day was an incredible success and will likely be a catalyst for great 4-H programming as we begin to open up opportunities for 4-H members once again in the Sheboygan County 4-H Youth Development Program.

Forty youth and 9 adult and youth leaders participated in the day. In addition, many parents were involved—from remaining on standby to being completely engaged in the sessions with their children. The day took place over live Zoom connections, with each youth member participating in up to three sessions throughout the day. Seven sessions in total were offered, covering project areas such as Photography, Cake Decorating, Celebrate Art, Woodworking, Foods, and Nutrition.

2021 Virtual 4-H Project Day Leaders were offered the opportunity to participate in a “Train the Trainer” workshop in February where Amber Rehberg and Laura Huber, 4-H Educators and specialists involved with the Virtual Learning Community, were able to share tips and tricks with these leaders to help make their sessions a success. Additional support was assigned to each session in the form of an adult or older youth “Room Host.” These hosts supported the presenters with technology support, monitoring chat features, monitoring participants’ questions, and pace, and ensuring that presenters were aware of any adjustments that needed to be made.

Evaluation data for the day is still being collected, but early results are showing that the communication prior to the day was strong and the presenter’s project selection and teaching strategies were successful. One family shared this with Sarah through an e-mail:
“We are definitely planning on filling out the survey, but I wanted to let you know that we thoroughly loved [our session leader]! Her teaching technique with showing her camera with her hands was perfect!!! It was such a fun project! Thank you!”

In addition, a flurry of Facebook posts just after the day ended showed that parents and youth were engaged, and were exposed to several new projects, such as the soap-making session, at Virtual 4-H Project Day.