Bitmoji Classrooms

In an effort to provide support to kindergarten teachers during in-class and virtual education, Janeth Orozco has been developing a series of five bitmoji classrooms. Bitmoji classrooms are interactive classrooms with clickable sections where students can learn about nutrition. Each bitmoji classroom is designed to cover the information that Janeth would normally teach in person at each classroom. Each bitmoji classroom includes an introduction video by Janeth, a short lesson video that delivers the lesson objectives, different activities or games, and even activities or challenges that can be done as a group in school or individually at home. With this new resource, the teachers have the opportunity of doing the activities from the bitmoji classroom as a group for those attending in-person or sharing it with their online students through a learning platform like Seesaw.

So far teachers have expressed appreciation for the bitmoji classrooms, and the feedback received has been positive. Teachers like the flexibility of covering the materials at their own pace, and kids are loving the bitmoji classrooms and the activities.