Planning AHEAD

Along with a state team of Extension Educators and UW-Madison specialists, Jane co-developed the interactive Planning AHEAD (Advance directives, Home finances, Estate planning, and Arriving at decisions for the end of this life) program over the past year. The seven-part virtual series will be offered free to county residents through a Baldwin grant.

Planning AHEAD was created to address most aspects of end-of-life planning. The seven modules examine health care wishes, financial responsibilities, estate planning, legal requirements and documentation, distribution of personal property, end-of-life decisions, and understanding grief and the emotional ramifications. The program is designed for personal planning or for others. Handouts in the planning packet will guide participants through a manageable step-by-step action to encourage and support planning.

Jane will co-facilitate the series locally with the Human Development & Relationships Educator from Washington County.

Virtual classes will be held May 13-June 24, 2021, 10:30-11:30 am on Thursdays. This is a Sheboygan/Washington County pilot series (one of four in the state) that will be evaluated in several different ways.

Register as soon as space is limited but no later than May 3, 2021. Please feel free to share widely with others. Register here: