Making an Impact: Youth Development June 2021

Sarah Tarjeson, 4-H Youth Development Educator

  • A monthly newsletter for New or 1st Year 4-H Families where they were introduced to the 4-H
    Youth Development Program. The purpose of this effort was to develop a sense of belonging to
    our organization and build confidence in parents and members as they participate in club and
    project opportunities.
  • A series of events for youth to prepare to compete in dairy and livestock judging. The purpose
    of this effort is to increase participants’ knowledge of the quality characteristics of dairy and
    livestock animals.
  • Planning for youth program fundraising with adult volunteers where participants reviewed
    COVID-19 Foodstand Planning Tools and Resources and discussed adaptations to food safety
    practices to enable youth to continue fundraising for their programs.
  • Recruited, interviewed, and selected older youth camp staff where youth submitted written
    application materials responded to questions of a typical interview and were informed of
    their positions on staff in order to develop work skills, build leadership and develop a sense of
    belonging among the camp staff team.
  • Supported the 4-H Leaders Association by recruiting volunteers to serve in the 4-H Food Stand
    Purchasing Role and as the Lead for the 4-H Silent Auction, two major fundraisers which support
    local 4-H programming.
  • Training for youth and adult camp staff where participants toured new facilities at Camp
    Rokilio and developed a schedule for upcoming camps. The purpose of this effort is to provide
    programming appropriate for the age and developmental abilities of our campers and to promote
    a safe and healthy environment for camp participants.