Making an Impact: Community Development September 2021

Kevin Struck, Community Development Educator

  • Wrote an objective, easy to understand two-page summary of the 42-page Waldo Mill Pond Management Plan to accompany an upcoming opinion survey mailing to 226 local households. This summary is intended to give survey recipients who otherwise would probably not read such an extensive and technical plan some basic background information regarding issues with the pond and dam.
  • After the sudden appearances of portable storage units (e.g., shipping containers, semi-trailers, etc.) in some residential yards, local officials in two area towns asked the Community Development Educator to analyze their zoning ordinances to help them determine what currently exists to regulate such units. He then presented options for additional regulation, if the towns deem them necessary.
  • Local officials in an area village and adjacent town who had several questions about how to review a proposed land division within the village’s extraterritorial platting jurisdiction (ETP) asked the Community Development Educator for assistance. He provided a fact sheet on ETP he had previously written and answered follow-up questions to help ensure the review was done as the statutes require.