Sheboygan United

Familias Unidas leadership team now includes Nenglee Vang, the Southeast Asian Program Manager for Safe Harbor. The group solidified logistics for the May 15 event and defined mission/vision/values and leadership structure. Engaging youth voice in that structure is a top priority. Positive Youth Development Educator Lisa Sanderson and Partners for Community Development Community Outreach Coordinator Karina Aguirre will meet with WE RISE, an equity-oriented student group at South High School, on May 4 to invite participation in Familias Unidas, soon-to-be renamed “Sheboygan United”. Cher Pao Vang will meet with members of the North High School Hmong Student Leadership Council. Additional visits to area schools throughout the county will follow to gain youth insight and goals regarding barriers and solutions to community resource access. Communication with St Clement’s Father Sandoval is ongoing to facilitate deeper parish engagement in the May event.