Sheboygan United

Sheboygan United continues to grow in community recognition and participation, with hosts for July and October events identified (Hmong Summer Festival, Partners for Community Development) and our May 15 event rapidly approaching. Lisa Sanderson and other Sheboygan United partners met with youth and their faculty moderators from WE RISE, Hmong Student Organization, and Hmong Student Leadership Council (North, South High School). We invited them to partner with us in identifying and resolving barriers to wellness and resource access. We hope to have youth recruited and active by the end of May. Lisa Sanderson and Rebecca Clarke, County Supervisor, will attend Extension training in youth-adult partnership facilitation. Special thanks to Community Health Worker Marisela Olivas for her work on marketing, branding, and a web page to be launched this month. The deep community connections, all spanning years if not decades of advocacy, health equity expertise, County involvement, mentoring, and perspectives to be provided by the Sheboygan United leadership team of Cher Pao Vang, Nenglee Vang, cofounder Karina Aguirre, Marisela Olivas, and Rebecca Clarke has and will profoundly positively affect PYDE’s ability to recruit underrepresented youth for Extension programming. Diverse WE RISE youth commented that after growing up seeing many culturally oriented fairs and fests in Sheboygan, it was neat to know that “there is one for us”: Sheboygan United events.