Human Development and Relationships June 2022 Impact

  • A 7-session course that helps adults of all ages to make end-of-life financial, healthcare, and final wishes decisions in order to reduce the stress experienced by survivors and to ensure that their wishes are honored.
  • A series of bi-monthly planning meetings for the Family Caregivers Coalition steering committee where we develop quarterly education, quarterly newsletters, support groups, retreats, and caregiver cafes for family caregivers.
  • A series of e-mail communications for community partners where they learn about parenting, relationships, family caregiving, finances and well-being so that they can share the latest resources with their clients. The purpose of this effort is to improve parenting skills, support their family caregiving role and improve their financial skills and their personal well-being.
  • A monthly program for family caregivers where participants develop sustainable self-care behaviors in order to maintain their personal physical and emotional well-being through practicing self-care techniques and accessing local resources.