Community Development Impact July 2022

  • Kevin conducted research and a compiled reports on behalf of the towns of Lima, Holland, Scott, and Mosel to determine the effectiveness of an innovative farmland preservation zoning strategy he had helped them develop in 2016. The Wisconsin Dept. of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) had approved the customized strategy five years ago contingent on its satisfactory performance. Since the research indicated the customized strategy had met expectations, DATCP extended each town’s certifications for farmland preservation for another five years, which will enable farmers in these towns to continue to receive an annual tax credit for their preservation efforts.
  • Two towns contacted Kevin for assistance on ways to improve provisions in their zoning ordinances for determining the average width of proposed land divisions that create irregularly shaped lots. This will make it easier for each town to administer the minimum lot width requirements in their ordinance and for landowners to understand how they need to configure future land divisions.