Human Development and Relationships Impact July 2022

Along with other Extension Educators, Jane co-facilitated a second Planning AHEAD series for residents in May/June, 2022. Planning AHEAD is a series of seven sessions for adults 18 & older where they learn about end-of-life decision making tasks including health care wishes, financial responsibilities, legal requirements and documentation, estate planning, distribution of personal property, end-of-life care options, and understanding grief.

Thirteen attendees participated with 91 contacts. The series was presented in a dual format with the majority of participants joining virtually. Jane is a co-author of the curriculum and accompanying materials. Each attendee received the step-by-step workbook with resources to reinforce the content. Because of this series, 100% of the participants stated they learned enough to move forward with planning. One hundred percent strongly agreed or agreed that they have greater knowledge of advance medical and legal directives, choices in end-of-life care, and handling financial changes. Almost 80% strongly agreed they have greater knowledge of estate planning. One hundred percent of the respondents said that they felt more confident in having conversations with loved ones related to end-of-life wishes and knowing where to find reliable resources for more information on end-of-life planning. A majority of respondents indicated that in the next three months they will update their end-of-life planning forms, encourage someone else to do end-of-life planning, make end-of-life wishes known and make a will or a trust. Comments included: informative, enlightening, worthwhile, comprehensive, necessary, thought provoking, relevant, eye opening, organized, comprehensive, needed and engaging.