Community Development Impact September 2022

  • Kevin conducted research to assist a local town in determining why the town’s Zoning Map was now showing an unexpected zoning designation for eight properties that would make some of them non-conforming. His research findings indicated that no official amendment of the Zoning Map for these properties had taken place during the 2009 to 2015 period in question, and consequently, the designation shown on the Map was a technical error. The residential uses on the properties were therefore not nonconforming, which is an important clarification because it means the owners are able to legally expand or even replace their structures without penalty.
  • A local town asked Kevin for input on adding more flexibility to the way they administer their farmland preservation zoning. Kevin explained the concept of “conditional zoning” and how to implement it for certain requests to rezone out of farmland preservation. The town chairman liked the concept and anticipates it will provide both the town and landowners with another option for preserving farmland while also allowing for limited development if appropriate.
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