Community Health Assessment (CHA)

Local public health departments are required to conduct a community health assessment (CHA) every few years, which is then followed by a community health improvement plan (CHIP) or action plan to help address those identified health issues.

Miller was asked by the Sheboygan County Public Health Director to join the Healthy Sheboygan County Leadership Team which consists of five individuals that contribute towards the development of the CHA and CHIP.

The team is currently developing the community health assessment questions and surveys. In addition, each team member is assisting in conducting key informant interviews, which is an opportunity to hear from local community leaders and partners about health. The next steps will be to review the results of the community member survey, the key informant interviews, and other data to identify the 3-4 most pressing health issues in Sheboygan County. Once identified, the community health improvement plan is created and local coalitions and teams will be created to help meet the goals and objectives identified.

In addition, Miller leads the SCAN coalition and has assisted with developing the goals and objectives related to physical activity and nutrition, specifically.

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