Community Development Impact March 2023

Kevin handled a variety of requests this past month, including:
• Finding the latest version of land use mapping for Town of Scott officials
• Creating a simple Lyndon/Cascade/Waldo street map for Town of Lyndon DPW
• Creating a solar energy systems ordinance with the Lyndon Plan Commission
• Writing a better definition of “Principle Use” for the Lyndon Zoning Ordinance
• Reviewing new land use Performance Standards with the Lyndon Plan Commission
• Analyzing the impact of removing B-4 Business District from Lyndon Zoning Ordinance
• Mapping road weight limits being considered by Town of Mosel officials
• Providing information on accessory dwelling units to a Sheboygan housing developer
• Guiding Town of Rhine officials on how to interpret their future land use map
• Guiding Town of Lima officials on property rezones within Farmland Preservation
• Guiding Town of Plymouth officials on rezoning options for two properties
• Discussion with DATCP about Sheboygan Falls’ Farmland Preservation recertification
• Updating zoning maps with 2022 rezones for Mosel, Scott, Lyndon, and Sherman