Dairy Impact March 2023

  • A moderate and large farm operators round table discussion group in collaboration with Texas A&M Agricultural and Food Policy Center (AFPC), where participants shared and discussed representative financial and production values for dairy farms operations in the region. This effort is designed to collect data to establish a “Representative Dairy Farm”’s financial and milk and crop production values, which will be used to help develop Congressional agriculture programs through scenarios utilizing “real-word” agriculture costs and expenses.
  • A dairy production and management newsletter for farmers, managers, employees, and agribusiness professionals, where subscribers learned about non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) use around calving time; passive immunity and colostrum management in newborn calves; assessing alfalfa winter kill and management practices for winter survival; and Extension dairy production and management resources. This effort was designed to provide a timely and reliable source of dairy management news and updates to help them improve farm business viability, environmental sustainability, and food safety through animal welfare.
  • A presentation on fit for transport of calves and market cows for dairy farmers and dairy consultants, where participants learned to identify when an animal should and should not be transported. This effort was designed to improve animal health and well-being, positively impacting a farmer’s ability to be economically viable.
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