Positive Youth Development Impact 2023

Extension Positive Youth Development Educator Lisa Sanderson met with County staff to reenvision a more inclusive, engaging, and youth-centered Youth Government Day. Lisa updated the day’s format to provide County staff with thirty minutes rather than ten for their presentations to youth. The event will now take place in one County building instead of three to allow more time for substantive interaction and discussion. Lisa and staff discussed the distinction between youth government day and youth governance day. The latter model is Extension’s emphasis and implies that participating youth will be invited to provide input to County staff on actual projects. County staff expressed enthusiasm for this new focus and suggested that youth, for instance, be asked for their input regarding a new subdivision planning project. Youth from Plymouth High School and
South High School student groups We Rise (students of color), Gay Straight Alliance, and Peers 4 Peers, as well as civics class students, have indicated they will attend. Bilingual Community Health HHS staff CherPao Vang and Dalila Contreras will provide a session and share the community impact of their new outreach positions with youth. Other participating staff include Laura Henning Lorenz, Ellen Schleicher, Angela Sutkiewicz, Aaron Brault, and County Supervisor Rebecca Clarke. and Debi Schwind. State Program Manager Joe Maldonado will attend the event, the first in person since the pandemic, on April 17.