Community Development Impact 2023

  • Acting on a request by a town plan commission, Kevin did research to determine the number and location of large irregularly shaped lots within the town. Due to a very basic “lot width” definition in the zoning ordinance that was written for rectangular lots, these irregularly shaped lots are unable to meet the definition. This makes them nonconforming even though they would have plenty of width if a more modern “average lot width” definition was used. Kevin then worked with the town to draft a more flexible definition that if adopted would allow a larger variety of lot shapes.
  • Kevin met with officials from the Town of Sheboygan Falls and summarized the recent history of Wisconsin’s Farmland Preservation Program in the town and explained the process for recertifying the town’s preservation zoning before it expires at the end of 2024. In addition to providing an incentive of over $30,000 in yearly income tax credits to two dozen farmland owners covering 4,215 acres in the area, the main goals of the Program are preserving farmland from inappropriate development, properly managing nutrients on farm fields, and controlling runoff. The town indicated it would like Kevin’s assistance in moving forward with recertifying.
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