Crops Impact August 2023

As a new regional crops educator in Sheboygan, Ozaukee, Washington, and Fond du Lac counties, it is necessary to determine the needs of the agricultural community related to crops programming. To best understand the needs of the growers, community groups and agribusiness professionals in the region, the crops educator will meet with these potential partners to determine gaps in programming and specific educational strategies necessary to properly serve the region. As of August 20, 2023, the educator has met with the director of the Clean Farm Families watershed group, Sheboygan River Progressive Farmers board members, financial officers from Compeer Financial and an editor for Hay and Forage magazine, while also making connections with other UW Madison-Extension educators, county Land & Water groups, producer, agronomists and support personnel. The educator is asking questions and recording the responses to generate a needs assessment which will provide guidance into programming plans. Further, the educator has provided support to local growers as needed by leveraging UW- Madison Extension professionals. This outreach will continue over the next 6 months to develop relationships with potential partners to establish an Extension presence in the crops programming area in this region.

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