Dairy Impact October 2023

  • A farm consultation for two dairy farm operators where families discussed options regarding farm transition. This effort is designed to explore options that meet personal and business goals for one family to retire and the second family to continue farming thus improving farm business viability, environmental sustainability, food safety.
  • A digital/print media interview conducted by national agriculture magazine for dairy farmers, herdspersons, calf managers and employees, and other agribusiness professionals, where they learned nutritional and environmental management practices to mitigate cold stress in pre-weaned calves to improve farm business viability and food safety while maintaining animal welfare and wellbeing.
  • A county agriculture business assessment for county government officials, where they learned about the county‚Äôs current agricultural supply chain patterns. This effort is designed to assist staff in identifying gaps and disconnects within the supply chain to retain and develop county agriculture and horticulture businesses, thus improving business viability and food safety.
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