FoodWIse Impact January 2024

  • Supporting the Sheboygan County Anti-Hunger Coalition, in partnership with the Sheboygan County Food Bank. The purpose of these meetings is to bring community partners together to share updates, resources, and information on local poverty, food insecurity and hunger issues.
  • Partnership with the Grant Elementary afterschool program to provide nutrition education classes to the Kindergarten through 2nd grade groups and the 3rd through 5th grade groups using the Read for Health curriculum. The goal of the classes is to introduce healthy foods and to encourage trying new foods through taste tests.
  • Updating the Sheboygan County Food Drive 5 Toolkit, which is designed to provide a variety of resources and tools for local food pantries and potential food drive sponsoring organizations. The purpose is to encourage food drives that encourage food safety and nutritious foods.
  • Providing technical support for the development of the current community health assessment report. The goal is to share this report widely with community members and partners to highlight the key health areas identified from the 2023 health assessment findings.
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