Community Development Impact February 2024

Kevin handled a variety of requests this past month, including:

  • Providing guidance to a town plan commissioner regarding the proposed commercial development of a property that is currently within Farmland Preservation and is shown on the town’s Future Land Use Map as potential residential rather than commercial
  • Explaining Wisconsin’s public access requirement for subdivisions bordering waterways to a town zoning administrator and plan commission chairman who wanted more information about such an access that was recently created in the town
  • Meeting with the Sheboygan County Conservation Specialist to 1) document and explain the process for conducting well water testing programs, and 2) answer questions related to Farmland Preservation in area towns
  • Providing guidance to a town chairman regarding a landowner’s request to build an accessory dwelling unit, which is not currently allowed in the zoning ordinance
  • Answering questions from three different landowners who had specific well water quality concerns (arsenic, sodium, scaling)
  • Guiding a town zoning administrator on how to handle a proposed land division and rezone that would create nonconforming lot-line setbacks
  • Assisting the Town of Greenbush with its WiDATCP application for a renewal of the Town’s Farmland Preservation Zoning certification
  • Updating town zoning maps with 2023 rezones for Mosel, Plymouth, Lyndon, Sheboygan Falls Sherman, and Greenbush
  • Reviewing draft ordinance language to assist a town zoning administrator in developing zoning standards for outside storage of large vehicles or equipment in residential areas.
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