FoodWIse Impact February 2024

  • Provided technical assistance to the Sheboygan County Public Health Department for organizing a community call-to-action event and monthly priority-setting meetings, contributing to the development of the current community health improvement plan.
  • Participated in the Sheboygan Collective Outreach event at Sheridan Elementary School. The goal of these events is to bring together multiple community organizations and resources to increase access for Spanish-speaking and LatinX community members.
  • Partnering with the Sheboygan Area School District to teach a series of 5 lessons on Discover MyPlate in all kindergarten classrooms at 7 different elementary schools. The goal is to introduce the 5 food groups and to encourage healthy eating at a young age.
  • Partnering with Sheboygan County Head Start/Early Head Start to teach a series of 4 lessons on Color Me Healthy in all classrooms at their 5 sites. The goal of the classes is to introduce healthy foods at a young age.
  • Facilitating a conversation with 4-5 community agencies to discuss the senior farmers market voucher program in Sheboygan County. The purpose of this meeting is to explore ways to expand the reach and impact of the state food benefits program.
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