Community Development Impact May 2024

Kevin Struck, Community Development Educator

The Town of Sheboygan Falls recently asked Kevin for assistance in submitting an application to continue its farmland preservation zoning certification with WiDATCP, which expires at the end of 2024. The application consists of a written summary of the Town’s farmland preservation efforts, a checklist confirming the Town’s ordinance meets statutory requirements, and zoning maps that adhere to the precise specifications required by WiDATCP. The Town’s recertification, good for 10 years, will enable eligible landowners to obtain an annual tax credit for preserving farmland, protecting soil and water resources, and minimizing land use conflicts. (Kevin also took the opportunity to complete most of the applications in advance for the Towns of Sherman and Plymouth, which have certifications that expire at the end of 2025.)

Several local towns recently worked on zoning ordinance amendments using 1) standards and language Kevin had previously created for other towns or 2) ordinance examples from across the state that he had searched for and found. The various amendments address issues such as agritourism, multi-family housing, outside storage on properties, and how to classify unique institutional land uses.

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