Health and Well-Being Impact June 2024

Coordinated a meeting for leaders of different health coalitions to work together and communicate. The purpose of this meeting is to better coordinate efforts related to food insecurity, nutrition, and physical activity in the future. 

A Hmong interpreted class for community meal site recipients to learn about food safety. The goal of these classes is to introduce basic food safety tips and to prevent food-borne illness.  

Coordinated a meeting for office colleagues, where those from the Hmong community provided local history and information about their culture, roles and organization. The purpose of this meeting was to learn more about the strengths, needs and gaps in services for Hmong in Sheboygan County. 

Taught a series of 5 lessons on Discover MyPlate in all of the kindergarten classrooms at 7 different elementary schools. The goal is to introduce the 5 food groups and to encourage healthy eating at a young age. 

Facilitating the community health action team meetings in April, May and June. These meetings will bring community members and organizations together to develop the next 3-year plan to address public health needs in Sheboygan County.

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