Human Development and Relationships Impact June 2024

UW Madison Extension Sheboygan County hosted a table at the Family Fun Fest in Fountain Park, Sheboygan, engaging families in conversations about Extension resources. Attendees learned about upcoming Family Engagement and Relationships programs to enhance family well-being. Families also received the Money Smart Wisconsin “Big Read” Financial Security Parent book guide, offering valuable strategies for financial literacy. This event provided families with access to educational resources, promoted awareness of family educational initiatives, and aimed to empower community members with tools for financial security and well-being.

A two-hour session for caregivers, where participants learned about managing stress while caring for an adult with a chronic condition to increase confidence in self-care behaviors. Participants identify signs and sources of stress, create an action plan, and practice meditation. The impact of this session is to enhance caregivers’ well-being and effectiveness in their roles, ultimately improving the quality of care for adults with chronic conditions. 

In collaboration with Sheboygan County Public Health and Healthy Sheboygan County, three action team meetings focused on childcare were conducted. During these meetings, we established the Sheboygan County Child Care Task Force, discussed challenges related to access to affordable childcare, and brainstormed solutions. This collaborative effort aims to enhance child care resources, making quality child care more accessible and affordable for families in Sheboygan County.

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