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ALL CLUB and PROJECT LEADERS, MEMBERS, and PARENTS can contribute to the articles in the MONTHLY Cloverleaf Crier by completing a short form and uploading their article and any photos to accompany it at https://forms.gle/dcP2nMfVxtG25rAY6  SAVE THIS LINK! Articles for the upcoming month’s Cloverleaf Crier are due to be uploaded in this form by the 20th of each month. Please plan ahead!!!!!

4-H Google Calendar

To view our Sheboygan County 4-H Google Calendar go to https://calendar.google.com/calendar/u/5/r!  If you have an event or meeting that you would like to add to the calendar, please complete the following form https://forms.gle/XiWcLwSfyYuKWLzt9 and we will be sure to add it. The calendar is updated bi-weekly along with the distribution of the Weekly Cloverleaf Crier.

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To find archived past issues of the Sheboygan County 4-H Cloverleaf Crier click here!

If you have any questions regarding 4-H Youth Development in Sheboygan County, please contact:

Sarah Tarjeson
4-H Youth Development Educator
Sheboygan County – UW Extension
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