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Sheboygan County 4-H Project Day
Saturday, March 13, 2021
Extension – Sheboygan County

Project Day is an exciting, fun-filled day with a variety of workshops for 4-H members to learn new skills and make items they can enter in the fair, or make just for fun!

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Sheboygan County 4-H Fine Arts Festival

Spring 2021 might look different than past years, but one thing is for certain . . . the opportunity for our youth to shine and showcase their artistic talents will not be lost. Thanks to some great thinkers across the state and some 4-H leadership that is willing to share their work – Sheboygan County will be able to host it’s first ever Virtual 4-H Fine Arts Festival!
Check out all the information and materials in this years 4-H Fine Arts Festival Flyer! Then create, demonstrate and perform until your heart is content (or until March 7th)! Finally, upload your completed projects to the Online Submission Form and plan to join us on April 3rd for a final celebration of the arts in Sheboygan County!

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Movie and Pizza Night
Friday, February 26, 2021

4-H Movie and Pizza Night
February 26, 2021 starting at 6:00 p.m.
LIVE via Netflix Teleparty!

Join your 4-H family for a virtual movie viewing LIVE via Teleparty! All families will receive gift cards/coupons for pizza, popcorn and the chance to watch our selected movie together on February 26th starting at 6:00 p.m. Teleparty is a browser extension for watching TV remotely with friends. It synchronizes our video and adds a chat feature to the screen. Free installation of the extension is required.
We are voting between Surf’s Up, Miracle, The Princess and the Frog, and The Croods. To register and select your movie choice go to: https://forms.gle/QcnuijH2hTfU2mSz8

Awards and Recognition Ceremony
Monday, November 30th, 2020 6:00 p.m.

The Sheboygan County 4-H Youth Development Program celebrated the accomplishments of over 40 members and leaders during our Virtual Awards and Recognition Program on Monday, November 30, 2020. This program, typically held at and still supported by Acuity Corporate Headquarters, was adapted to meet the health and safety guidance of our public health officials during this era of COVID-19.

If you were unable to join us for the program, or would like to share the special recognition of our members and leaders with your loved ones, check out the links below to various sections of the program. It has truly been an honor to work with all of you this past year and I look forward to what we can build together in the years ahead!

A program listing all of our award recipients can be downloaded at: https://sheboygan.extension.wisc.edu/files/2020/11/2020-Awards-Program.pdf Virtual Awards Program Welcome: https://youtu.be/B22gcVqp4Rg
Pledge of Allegiance and 4-H Pledge: https://youtu.be/d29662opz24
4-H Leaders Association Past President Recognition – Kandy Huiras: https://youtu.be/fBeWNxWWsGw
Sheboygan County 4-H Clover Awards: https://youtu.be/iQqCglFaja4
Sheboygan County 4-H Cloverbud Awards: https://youtu.be/BEw-gi6U7yo
Sheboygan County 4-H Project Awards: https://youtu.be/3YbTbne3_QE
2020 Meritorious Service Award – Barb Scholten: https://youtu.be/RlM6449fcCw
2020 Friend of 4-H Award – Sheboygan County Fair Association: https://youtu.be/zHzDvKcKK1Y
Community Builder Traveling Trophy Award – Mosel Farm and Home: https://youtu.be/Jsia_EKB0J0
Spirit of 4-H-Spark Award – Chloe Breunig: https://youtu.be/P7UEeIuVB2U
Sheboygan County 4-H Club Officer Recognition: https://youtu.be/W78jJOl7-b8
Sheboygan County Record Book Awards: https://youtu.be/lFoWYcEy2jg

4-H Leader – 25 Years of Service – Kathy Froh, Alice Samse, Sharleen Meinnert, Heidi Ridge: https://youtu.be/59o8feXzitQ
4-H Leader – 50 years of Service – Beverly Resop: https://youtu.be/6KvQ8ha9NNA

It’s a special time to celebrate and thank members and volunteers who take leadership to a whole new level in our program. Everyone is invited…members, friends, grandparents and neighbors…let’s all celebrate together.

Join us to recognize 4-H Project Award Recipients, 4-H Clover Award recipients, 4-H Adult Leaders reaching “leadership milestones” (the list is included in this Crier!) and some very special 4-H friends: Friend of 4-H and 4-H Meritorious Service. Please come to celebrate their significant contributions.

View the 2020 Awards Ceremony Program (pdf)

2021 East Metro Region Winter Leadership Camp

Attention youth leaders in grades 6-8 and adult 4-H volunteers! Don’t miss your chance to participate in Winter Leadership Camp 2021! It is always a great weekend full of leadership development and fun! From team building, group facilitating, and goal setting to sledding, night hikes, and campfires, there will be something for everyone! Mark your calendars now for a terrific time…this year’s Winter Leadership Camp will be held February TBD, 2021, at Camp TaPaWingo near Mishicot, WI. Older youth from throughout Northeast Wisconsin will come together at 4-H Winter Leadership camp to work on improving their leadership skills through hands-on, interactive leadership sessions. Youth will gain a better understanding of what it means to be a leader and how to apply being a youth leader in their club, county, and school. Along with leadership learning, youth will have opportunities to participate in a variety of recreational activities that may include sledding/tubing, snowshoeing, crazy games, and other outdoor activities. Adult leader volunteers are needed as chaperones to support youth in learning leadership skills and experiencing the great outdoors. Watch for registration details.

For All Camp Info…See the NEW 4-H Summer Camp Web Page!

4-H Base Camp – Upham Woods, Wisconsin Dells, WI
CANCELLED – July 12th – 16th, 2020

4-H Outpost Camp – Wyalusing State Park, WI
CANCELLED – July 23rd – 26th, 2020

CLOVERBUD DAY CAMP – At Extension – Sheboygan County
TBD, 2021


Come back in 2021 for the Anything Goes Competition which is always a great time to celebrate the end of the Fair with club members and other 4-Hers. Please watch for more information regarding this event and the possibility of it taking place. Talk to your club members, form a team, and get ready to get wild, sticky, wet and dirty in the annual Anything Goes Competition!!

Each club may enter one or more teams. If a club has more than 5 people, they can form a second team. Two clubs may combine to make up a team, as needed for ages and alternates.

All team members must be registered 4-H members and/or Cloverbuds. Each team must have one member age 11 or younger, and one member age 13 or older. 4-H Alumni Teams are welcome to join in the fun!

The games will be scored on accuracy and/or time.

  • All team members should be prepared to get wet and/or dirty! All participants should bring a towel and an extra change of clothes!

To register, contact the Extension with your team roster!

4-H Softball
Monday Nights – Please watch for more information on this for the 2021 softball season.

It’s 4-H Softball season! The schedule, field locations and rules are linked below. Good luck to all who participate.  If you are a club that has not participated in our 4-H Softball, we encourage you to go and check out one (or more) of these games!  They are really geared for fun, learning basic skills, and 4-H member bonding.  If you are a club that just can’t pull together enough team members, don’t worry, you can be paired up with another club!


Field Locations


4-H Youth Leadership Council
Third Tuesday of Each Month 6:30-8:00 p.m.

This organization is for any 4-H member 7th grade and up. The group plans social and educational events for its members, and occasionally for younger members. This is a county-wide group and allows youth to make friends and work with youth from throughout the county. The meetings of the group are in addition to participation in a local club.

Contact 4-H Youth Development for more information.
Phone: (920) 459-5903

Go to the 4-H Camp Riversite Page for the Exploring Your Environment Events!