Donation Opportunities

Sheboygan County 4-H Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund is a depository of gifts and donations for the Sheboygan County 4-H program.  Only the interest earned will be used to fund innovative and educational programs that support the strengthening and expanding of the 4-H program in Sheboygan County. The 4-H Endowment Committee invites grant proposals from 4-H clubs, committees, leaders, and members. Possible areas of support might include new, creative and collaborative programs, work with minorities and under-served youth, and urban programs. The grant is only for the Sheboygan County 4-H program not individual members or clubs.

Sheboygan County 4-H Wall of Honor

This wall was created with the intent to honor deceased members and leaders of the Sheboygan County 4-H program. Memorial plates are created based on information you provide with this application. New plates will be displayed in the Youth Building at the Sheboygan County fairgrounds.

Contact 4-H Youth Development for more information.
Phone: (920) 459-5903