Nutrition Education: Color Me Healthy Curriculum

Amanda Miller & Janeth Orozco, FoodWIse

FoodWIse partners with 7 elementary schools within the Sheboygan Area School District and 4 Head Start Centers to provide nutrition education to students. Kindergarten students learn about the 5 food groups from the Discover MyPlate curriculum and Head Start students learn about trying new foods from the Color Me Healthy curriculum. Due to the recent changes in the school year, some of the FoodWIse classes did not occur.

It is more important than ever that parents and children are staying healthy. FoodWIse adapted lessons from the Read for Health curriculum into a newsletter format. Teachers can include these lessons in their weekly lesson plans for homeschooling parents. The four lessons adapted include: trying new foods, staying physically active, drinking water, and staying healthy. Each lesson has an audiobook, discussion questions, and easy activity, and a recipe. Each topic was separated into age-appropriate newsletters for Head Start students (3-5-year-old) and elementary students (K-2nd grade.) The adapted newsletters are available in English and Spanish.