Forward Services Corporation

Forward Services Corporation is an organization that provides W-2 (Wisconsin Works) and FSET (Food Share Employment Training) with a variety of career services. Employment specialists/caseworkers specialize in assisting participants with job skills training, professional development and education, interview skills, resume building, and life skills. They help address some of the barriers to employment, including language, […]

Small Steps Fruit and Vegetable Rx Program

According to the 2020 Sheboygan County health assessment, 60% of survey respondents consumed at least two servings of fruit in an average day, while only 28% of survey respondents consumed at least three servings of vegetables in an average day. The goal is to increase the fruit and vegetable intake of Sheboygan County residents, which […]

FoodWIse Impact August 2022

The most recent census data indicates a significant growth in the Hmong/Hmoob population in Sheboygan County. To better understand how to respond to the needs of Hmong/Hmoob community members, FoodWIse partnered with UW-Madison Population Health and the Hmong Mutual Assistance Association (HMAA) in Sheboygan. Each focus group was approximately 90 minutes long and led by […]

Making an Impact May 2022 FoodWIse

A series of newsletters for older adults to learn about food safety, food budgeting, and basic nutrition. These printed materials bring health information to seniors during a time when guest speakers are not permitted due to COVID. The goal of this effort is to improve the health of older adults. A series of weekly virtual […]

“Stay Well, Age Well” Senior Newsletters

Each year, the local FoodWIse program teaches nutrition education classes at senior meal sites and senior housing units throughout the county. However, during the height of the pandemic, visitor restrictions were in place that prevented in-person classes. The senior newsletters were created to continue to provide health and nutrition information during the pandemic. The pandemic […]

Healthy Eating at a Young Age

Teaching about healthy eating at a young age is important to develop healthy, life-long habits from childhood to adulthood. Obesity and chronic diseases, like type 2 diabetes and hypertension, were once considered adult conditions. They are now observed in children, some as young as preschool and kindergarten. FoodWIse has partnered with the Sheboygan Area School […]

Sheboygan County Community Health Assessment

Every three years the health department and community partners collaboratively engage to conduct a Community Health Assessment (CHA) in Sheboygan County. The main purpose of a CHA is to complete a comprehensive collection and analysis of data to identify health issues of primary concern. From the CHA, a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) is created, […]

Making An Impact: FoodWIse January 2022

A series of classes on Discover MyPlate for each kindergarten classroom at 7 different elementary schools in Sheboygan County in English and Spanish. Discover MyPlate introduces the 5 food groups in an age-appropriate manner and recipe samples. The goal of these classes is to encourage youth to try healthy new foods. Leadership and planning in […]

Great Lakes Apple Crunch

The Great Lakes Apple Crunch helps celebrate National Farm to School month (October) by collectively purchasing and crunching into locally grown apples at noon on a day in mid-October every year.  The Great Lakes Apple Crunch not only celebrates National Farm to School Month but also supports local farmers and encourages healthy eating. Six states […]

Making an Impact: FoodWIse September 2021

Amanda Miller & Janeth Orozco, FoodWIse A series of meetings with local public health departments where they received feedback from Extension regarding the Community Health Improvement Plan. This effort was designed to improve community adoption of health and nutrition practices. Distribution of e-newsletter for Fond du Lac County residents to learn about food preservation and […]

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