Extension Crops and Soils Program

Mike Ballweg, Agriculture Agent

Mike Ballweg provided leadership, within the Extension Crops and Soils Program, to develop a series of Zoom informational virtual meetings (Badger Crop Connect) for farmers, agronomists, crop consultants, educators, and other agricultural professionals to learn about a wide range of timely agronomic topics during the 2020 growing season. Since face-to-face meetings were canceled as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Crops and Soils Program, responded with this series of bi-weekly webinars.
During the July 29th Badger Crop Connect Zoom webinar, Mike Ballweg, Extension Crops and Soils Agent discussed: The Power of Legumes – Their impact on the N Cycle and Subsequent Crop Yields. A total of 111 individuals logged in throughout the webinar. Evaluation results provided by 42 participants found that 86% either Strongly Agreed or Somewhat Agreed with the statement: The Webinar Today Was a Valuable Use of My Time. Nearly 55% strongly agreed or somewhat agreed that they increased their knowledge/understanding of The Power of Legumes – Their impact on the N Cycle and Subsequent Crop Yields.
This webinar series was shared on the National Certified Crop Adviser Calendar, Wisconsin Crop Manager, various media outlets, and through email lists of county educators and state specialists.

Badger Crop Connect Topics by UW Specialists and County Educators

  • Early Season Weed Control – Considerations for Corn and Soybeans
  • Assessing and evaluating early-season corn stand
  • Managing winter wheat diseases
  • Insect Development and Current Risks – Culprits to be Watching For
  • Post Emergence Herbicide Programs for Corn and Soybean
  • Making the Most of Your Side-Dress N Applications to Corn
  • Grain Markets Outlook
  • 2020 Soybean Disease Updates – Management Strategies
  • Moving Toward Soil Health – Maximizing the Growing Season
  • The Power of Legumes – Their impact on the N Cycle and Subsequent Crop Yields.
  • Harvesting High-Quality Corn Silage & Tips on Pricing Corn Silage
  • SilageSnap App: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Kernel processing
  • Cover Crops after Corn Silage for Spring Forage: Economics and the Environment
  • Cover Crop Considerations after Corn and Soybean Grain Crops
  • Top 10 Recommendations for Winter Wheat Establishment in 2020
  • 2020 WI Winter Wheat Trial Results
  • Combine yield monitor calibration
  • Compaction: preventing, measuring and reducing
  • Fall nutrient management (soil sampling, manure application and preparing for 2021)