Dairy Impact January 2023

Development and planning for in-person CAFO (Confined Animal Feeding Operations) Update Meeting series for WPDES (WI Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) permitted farms, crop and dairy managers, agriculture engineers, crop consultants, agronomists, professional and on-farm nutrient applicators, government agency personnel, and other interested individuals in collaboration with WI DNR (Department of Natural Resources). The goal of […]

Dairy Impact September 2022

Planning for a bilingual dairy workers newsletter for on-farm dairy employees in collaboration with Language Access and Office of Access, Inclusion, and Compliance. The goal of this effort is provide a dairy resource to an underserved audience in order for them to gain new knowledge and best management practices to incorporate on the farm to […]

Crops and Soils Impact September 2022

A Soil Health Field Day where farmers, industry agronomists and agency personnel learned about: planting green into rye, the benefits of low disturbance manure applications, and water mold root disease management of soybean. The goal is to help farmers and the industry agronomists explore and implement cropping strategies that improve soil and crop health. One-on-one […]

Crops and Soils Impact August 2022

A research project to evaluate nitrogen applications to winter cereal forage crops. Results from this study will help farmers and agricultural professionals determine the most economic and environmental N fertilizer rates for optimizing winter cereal crop yields. Winter cereal forage crops (cereal rye, triticale, etc…) have seen a substantial increase in the number of acres […]

Dairy Impact July 2022

A bi-weekly radio interview for farmers, agricultural industry persons, youth livestock, and youth dairy where they learned about extension agriculture-related resources, information, and timely webinars to help them to be connected and supported, and make better-informed decisions regarding their farm business operations or youth large animal project. A dairy production and management newsletter for farmers, […]

Crops and Soils Impact July 2022

Mike Ballweg, Regional Crops and Soils Agent An on-farm project to monitor the quality of alfalfa growth and development, in planning for first crop harvest, which makes up 30 – 40% of the total production for the year. Because there are yearly weather variations impacting plant growth, results from this study help farmers in deciding […]

“Focus on Forage” Webinar Series

A “Focus on Forage” webinar series for farmers, agronomists, and other industry service providers, where they learned about growing and managing alternative forages to include: species selection, N fertilization, residual soil N following grass forages. The use of grasses helps to improve both water quality and animal performance. Topics included: “Are Forage Cocktail Mixes a […]

Making an Impact: Crops and Soils March 2022

Farmer and industry participation were excellent for the 2022 Agronomy Day with nearly 140 in attendance. This Extension Educational program was held in Random Lake with farmer participatnts from 7 area counties. The majority coming from Sheboygan, Ozaukee, Washington and Fond du Lac counties. Ninety-nine percent (99%) of those completing the survey rated the 2022 […]

Grow High-quality Grasses

Michael Ballweg, Regional Crops and Soils Agent  An educational program for farmers, industry agronomists and dairy nutritionists where they learned about the environmental benefits of utilizing grasses for dairy rations, better alfalfa winter survival when seeded with perennial grass and improved animal health when grasses are included in dairy cow diets. The goal is to […]

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