Alternative Forages When Alfalfa Fails

Eastern Wisconsin dairy farmers have experienced severe alfalfa winter losses the past several years. As a result, dairy and livestock farmers are looking for alternative forages to grow when traditional forage crops fail.

In response, Extension, The Sheboygan County Forage Council, other Local Forage Councils from across Wisconsin, and the Midwest Forage Association, teamed up to hold this year’s annual program virtually providing information on alternative forages.

Virtual delivery is allowing Extension to utilize expertise for other areas of the country for a reduced cost.

Alternative Forages When Alfalfa Fails

Tom Kilcer – Advanced Ag Systems

Tom Kilcer is a Certified Crop Advisor, Certified Pesticide Applicator, Cornell Cooperative Extension multi-county Field Crop, and Soils Educator, and most recently a private consultant from New York State.

As a private consultant, Kilcer has been conducting cutting-edge research on forages and plant nutrition. A nationally recognized expert in forage management, Kilcer discussed season-long options for forage production after alfalfa winterkill, including the use of grasses, grass/clover mixes, and cereals. He also discussed the use and management of BMR sorghum to fill forage niches, including the latest research on male-sterile varieties.

A total of 137 people across Wisconsin attended the webinar.  Eighty-Four percent (84%) of attendees indicated that they strongly agreed or agreed that they would be able to use information pretend during this webinar.

An additional 83% of the attendees indicated that they strongly agreed or agreed that using alternative forages in cropping systems can provide opportunities to implement more conservation practices on the landscape.