No-till and Cover Crop Practices

Mike Ballweg, Agriculture Agent

Nick Kleiber shares no-till and cover crop practices during summer field day near Plymouth.

Educational programs and field days were held in partnership with the Sheboygan River Progressive Farmers where farmers and industry agronomists learned about using cover crops, planting green, and no-tilling to improve water quality and soil health.

An established 51,000 lbs. of phosphors may have been prevented from leaving farm fields due to Sheboygan River Progressive Farmers planting 6,762 acres of cover crops, using strip-till or no-tilling on 10, 746 acres, and low disturbance manure applications on 7,040 acres.

These same acres of cover crops reduced tillage, and low-distance manure application practices may have reduced an estimated 3,700 tons of soil erosion on SRPFs fields.

Reported conservation practices implemented by SRPFs more than quadrupled since the
groups first met in 2018. 2018 – 20,427 ac, 2019 – 86,303 ac, 2020 – 89,080 ac

Source: DATCP, Dana Christel, Conservation Specialist