Making an Impact: FoodWIse September 2021

Amanda Miller & Janeth Orozco, FoodWIse

  • A series of meetings with local public health departments where they received feedback from Extension regarding the Community Health Improvement Plan. This effort was designed to improve community adoption of health and nutrition practices.
  • Distribution of e-newsletter for Fond du Lac County residents to learn about food preservation and food safety. The goal is to help home canners use current food safety practices and to decrease the incidence of foodborne illnesses.
  • Miller is answering community member’s questions about food preservation and food safety during the peak of canning season.
  • Participating in a series of workshops called “racial equity community of practice.” This series of workshops is designed to build skills and knowledge to be able to be more racially equitable in nutrition education work.
  • Participating in a series of workshops called “HUE facilitation.” This is an opportunity to be trained by professionals on facilitation skills that follow the natural ways the brain processes information and to apply that during meetings and classes.