Crops and Soils Impact August 2022

  • A research project to evaluate nitrogen applications to winter cereal forage crops. Results from this study will help farmers and agricultural professionals determine the most economic and environmental N fertilizer rates for optimizing winter cereal crop yields. Winter cereal forage crops (cereal rye, triticale, etc…) have seen a substantial increase in the number of acres farmers are planting and harvesting. Winter cereal forages are becoming a regular part of forage supplementation in the lactating dairy herd ration.
  • An Extension Badger Crop Connect Zoom meeting for farmers and agricultural professionals where they learned about using fungicides on corn and soybeans for protecting yields against Tar Spot and White Mold. Using fungicides within the context of an Integrated Pest Management approach will protect farm profits, reduce fungicide resistance, and protect the environment.
  • Developed a regional (Sheboygan, Ozaukee, Washington, and Fond du Lac counties) electronic newsletter (with colleagues), where readers learned about current and relevant UW-Madison Extension research, BMPs, and additional Extension resources so that they can better manage their farm businesses.
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