FoodWIse Impact August 2022

The most recent census data indicates a significant growth in the Hmong/Hmoob population in Sheboygan County. To better understand how to respond to the needs of Hmong/Hmoob community members, FoodWIse partnered with UW-Madison Population Health and the Hmong Mutual Assistance Association (HMAA) in Sheboygan. Each focus group was approximately 90 minutes long and led by a trained Hmong facilitator. The conversation focused on hearing from Hmong/Hmoob community members about access to nutritious and culturally appropriate foods, feeding their families, food budgeting and grocery shopping, and physical activity. Each participant received a $50 gift card as an incentive for sharing their lived experiences. The next step of this project is to interview community agencies that serve Hmong/Hmoob community members, such as the HMAA, the Sheboygan County Food Bank, and Sheboygan County Public Health. Local health coalitions, such as the Anti-Hunger Coalition and the SCAN (Sheboygan County Activity and Nutrition Coalition) will be important contributors, as well. The information learned will not only inform the local FoodWIse program but will be taken into consideration when planning the Sheboygan County Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP).