Crops and Soils Impact September 2022

  • A Soil Health Field Day where farmers, industry agronomists and agency personnel learned about: planting green into rye, the benefits of low disturbance manure applications, and water mold root disease management of soybean. The goal is to help farmers and the industry agronomists explore and implement cropping strategies that improve soil and crop health.
  • One-on-one consultations with farmers from Sheboygan, Fond Du Lac, Washington and Ozaukee Counites where farmers learned about: weed control in soybeans and winter wheat, prairie establishment, organic farming and certification, rye cover crop establishment and termination, land rental prices within the region, seed germination testing and soil carbon crediting. Better understanding of these agronomic topics result in greater farm profits and enhanced environmental stewardship.
  • Participated in a soybean phytophthora root rot population survey across the region to help assess for the occurrences of new races of the water mold diseases in soybean. Significant rainfall events in recent years may have resulted in soybean varieties that are no longer resistant to root diseases, and results from this study will help plant breeders develop improved soybean varieties with greater resistance to soybean root disease.
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