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Purpose: The purpose of the Sheboygan 4-H General Livestock program is to provide educational opportunities for youth to learn more about their market and breeding livestock projects through various hands-on workshops and seminars.

Opportunities in 4-H Livestock programs include:

  • Honor Show Chow Seminar (March 9, 2019) (PDF, 1 page, 198 KB)
  • Showing market and breeding animals
  • Livestock judging contests
  • Livestock quiz bowl contests
  • Livestock skill-a-thon contests
  • Meats judging contest
  • Wisconsin State Fair Jr. Livestock Entry forms and information (YQCA Certificates, Market Animal ID and Breeding Stock Entries due to State Fair on 5/17/19) (Late online entries are accepted by WSF until 5/24/19)

4-H Livestock Project Resources

Meat Animal Sale Related Resources

County Fair Related Resources

Meat and Carcass Related Resources

Additional Resources

  • COOL – Country of Origin Labeling As of March 16, 2009, the United States Department of Agriculture’s rule on “Country of Origin Labeling” (COOL) took effect. This rule provides consumers with the knowledge as to where their food originated. The rule has been in place for fruits and vegetables and has been in effect for meat products since early spring. To comply with the new ruling, exhibitors must first maintain proof-of-purchase (i.e. bill of sale, receipt, etc.) or an affidavit/declaration indicating animals which will later be shipped to market are of US Origin. Country of Origin Affidavit/Declaration: (PDF, 1 page, 11 KB) The Country of Origin Affidavit/Declaration must be completed and maintained by exhibitors for two years. This affidavit should be signed by the breeder/seller and indicates tech animal(s) was born and raised in the United States. It is the EXHIBITOR’S RESPONSIBILITY to complete and maintain this affidavit/declaration for at least two years. This affidavit/declaration is an important record keeping tool in case of a USDA audit with regards to the origin of the animals entering the food chain.
  • Paylean Use in Showpigs (PDF, 2 pages, 102 KB)
  • Optaflexx and Zilmax (Beta Agonists): Growth Promoting Feed Additives (PDF, 2 pages, 102 KB)

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